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About us

ICS STAG Textile Industry was established in 1996 in Chisinau (Moldova).
Thank's to the knowledge of the market and the attention to production costs, STAG has come up as a top ten moldovan export firm. Experience in fine quality garments with a most attention to detail unusual for mass production, a long established collaboration with italian stylists and technicians and up-to-date machinery have brought STAG to meet the requirements of several well known european fashion brands.



STAG is a verticalized factory that produce knitwear with a complete production cycle for Sample Collection and Production Collection.
Our processes:
• Reserch and Developement
• Prototyping
• automatic and manual cutting
• silkscreen printing, ink-jet print, embroidery
• 14 manufacture lines
• washing, various treatments and ironing
• Quality check
• Packaging
• General management logistics
Customers' products are carefully looked after the whole production line, in order to offer maximum quality and satisfaction.


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I.C.S. STAG Textile Industry S.A.
49/1, Tighina str. Chisinau MD-2001 Moldova Reg.No. 177009568, Fiscal Code 1003600045784

  • Alberto Colombo - CEO

  • Tatiana Ovsienco - CFO

  • Patrick Parise - CSO

  • Svetlana Suruceanu - Import/Export

  • Troihina Natalia - Head Production Chief
    Tel: (00373) 22 576 609 -